Top East Asian Countries that Offer Lottery Games

The lottery games are found all over the world and the East Asian region is no exception to the lotteries. Some may think that the lottery games are only offered in the United States, United Kingdom, and the European countries. But the East Asian countries offer a lot of lottery games to their citizens and help them achieve their life goals and make their dreams come true.

The people in the East Asian region are also very much into playing lottery games and try their lucks. The players in the East Asian region are used to playing Lotto games in the majority. A lot of them play Powerball online on Lottery Heroes. Apart from that, the East Asian lottery games also comprise the scratch-off and crossword formats. So even if you travel to the East Asian region, you would still find such Lottery Heroes in the vast majority.

Lotteries in Hong Kong

One of the top countries known for playing lottery games in the majority in Hong Kong. There is a vast number of people in Hong Kong that love to play lottery games on a regular basis. One of the most popular and widely played lottery games in Hong Kong is the Mark Six Lotto game, which is also known as Lotto 6/49. One of the funniest facts about this game is that it is played so much in Hong Kong that if a resident from the country does not play it, then he/she is not considered to be a true Hong Konger.

Lotteries in Singapore

Singapore is another country famous for offering a vast variety of lottery games to the citizens in Singapore. The people in Singapore find the lottery games in the country to be one of the best elements for pass time and have a great time. In Singapore, many people find lottery games to be a good source for making gambles. People also use lottery games for sports betting and find it to be a good option for investment.

Some of the major lottery games offered in Singapore include Singapore Sweep, Toto, football betting, and 4-digit numbers game.

Lotteries in the Philippines

The Philippines is also one of the countries in East Asia where the lottery is played in the majority, especially among people who like to play scratchcards online. The two major islands in the Philippines Mindanao and Visayas are known for offering a vast variety of lotto games to the residents of the Philippines. Since 2005, the lottery games have gained a lot of adoption and popularity in the country, and people now enjoying these games all across the Philippines.

The main reason why lotteries started picking up in the country from 2005 was that that was the time when the Pacific Online Systems Corporation managed to acquire a new contract. As a result, the corporation updated all of the lottery games and equipment to enhance the playing experience of the lottery players. Lottery in US. If Asian lottery is not what you’re interested in then you can check the US lottery like for example the New York lottery results. The two most prominent lottery organizations in the Philippines include the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

Lotteries in Shanghai

The lottery games are popular even in the Chinese region. Although the people in China are not that much fond of lotteries, yet there are many lottery games currently being offered in the country. The lotteries in Shanghai were introduced back in 1987. However, the online lottery games were first launched in China back in 2000 by the Shanghai Fengcai Lottery.

Lotteries in Japan

Japan, which is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the entire world is also very fond of offering lottery games to their players. The country is known for hosting the largest paying lottery game to the lottery players in the entire Asian continent. One of the widely popular and played games offered in Japan is the Four Dream Jumbo Draw Lottery game. The Four Dream Jumbo Draw Lottery game is exclusive for the residents of Japan and is played on a very large scale in the country.

Apart from the Four Dream Jumbo game, the Japanese players also love to play other lottery games that are available in the country.